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-Graston Technique                                                   – Sports Specific Training                                                  

-Spinal Manipulation                                                 – Prenatal Physical Therapy

-Post-operative Rehabilitation                           – Kinesio Taping

-Custom Orthotics                                                      – Spinal Mechanical Traction 

-Running Assessments  

Graston Technique

A form of hands on manual therapy utilizing instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Incorporates six specific stainless steel instruments in a variety of different strokes to detect and treat soft tissue dysfunction. This form of manual therapy can be used to improve ROM, posture, decrease scar tissue, and decrease pain.

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Following post-operative procedures it is important to work with a therapist who is skilled in what your surgeon wants and expects to produce the best outcome. At Remedy Physical Therapy, we have been working hand-in-hand with physicians in the Worcester County area and beyond for collectively the last 10 years.

Spinal Manipulation

A form of hands on manual therapy that is skillfully used on impacted spinal segments following appropriate physical assessment. After a manipulation, an exercise program is important to promote functional mobility and decrease the recurrence of injury.

Running Assessments

After years of working with runners in the clinic and at Marathon Sports Shrewsbury, our trained therapists at Remedy Physical Therapy offer running assessments that focus on video gait analysis, injury screening, and appropriate specific exercise training prescriptions.

Sport Specific Training

Rehabilitation and exercise prescription is more effective when it caters to the movements and positions that are required for the sports you will be returning to. At Remedy Physical Therapy we strive to be specific and innovative in our approach on return to sport activity.

Custom Orthotics

Gait mechanics and alterations can have a significant impact and association on acute and chronic orthopedic injuries. At Remedy Physical Therapy we offer custom orthotics casted in-clinic by our therapists.We work in conjunction with Sole Supports to ensure the right fit for you.

Prenatal Physical Therapy

Due to the nature of pregnancy, multiple women suffer from acute or chronic pain. Our therapist will evaluate you to design a custom program. Talk to your doctor today and see if physical therapy is right for you

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is a form of latex-free athletic taping. It is a skilled application that has gained popular notoriety due to many professional and Olympic athletes use. Of its many uses, Kinesio taping is utilized for decreasing edema, managing pain, improving posture, and decreasing muscle compensations.

Spinal Mechanical Traction

As a means to manage radicular and chronic pain in upper extremities and lower extremities, mechanical spinal traction works to decompress the spine which following appropriate physical assessment can potentially alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and restore posture.